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June 2012

June, the peonies are blooming, iris are about done. Ornamental grasses are gaining and the salad bowl crops are fading. Peppers and tomatoes start to thrive on the daily heat and sunshine. Garden wise it’s been an interesting spring…asparagus is still putting out a few stragglers yet has started to fern. Garlic is getting ready […]


Calling All Gardeners, from Novice to Master there is a workshop for you to attend this month. Your cole crops should be planted, we’re on the verge of planting summer crops and the PLANT SALES will allow you to pick up starts to give your garden plot a big boost. There are some fun events, […]

Time to Tuck in the Garden Bed

Its just about time to put the garden to bed. We’ve had such a beautiful and long fall to finish off the garden, its hard to think snow…but its coming. So here are some ideas to help put your “tuck in” your garden beds.

Harvest the last of your crops and preserve them. From […]

Garden Geek – Top 10

Such a garden geek – the harvest is on and I’m already re-organizing my plan for next years garden. The revision comes at the expense of this years successes and not so successes. Some things are particular to this year but most lessons will go on to make for better, more productive harvest for years […]

Sunflowers and Dragonfly’s

Late August is the time for sunflowers and dragonfly’s in the garden. Its also the time for most gardeners to smile. All the hard work of planting, tending, watering and weeding are paying off. This is the week you can start taking a salt shaker to the garden and “graze”. If you have never had […]

Garden Update: Garlic, Pests and Tips

Garden Update: The scapes are coming, the scapes are coming….oh, the scapes are gone! Its time to harvest the garlic in my garden. Both the hardneck and softneck varieties were ready to pick. How can you tell? The hardneck is easy, from the center of the top growth comes this corkscrewy growth with a pointed […]

Full Moons in the Garden

Fascinating garden news – are you aware that planting by the moon phase is not just folklore but based in fact? Evidently just like the tides, even inland soil moisture rises with the moons pull. This means that planting around the full moon encourages germination and growth. Additionally, tests have shown that seeds will absorb […]

Garden On for May/June 2011

Peek inside Water Insulator

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Soil temperatures are coming up and that means it is time to plant your vegetables. Annuals should be safe by the end of the month to put in the ground, too. For those of us who are “soil driven”…well […]

Plant Sales, CSA’s and Clinics 2011

Supporting your local gardening community by attending one of the big three for plant sales is “winning” as they say. You are sure to find just the heirloom tomato you are looking for your veggie garden. You will be supporting the local organizations and economy. Most of the plants are started and tended […]

Garden Fever in March 2011

Spanish Lavendar

  Garden Fever just took over….I just couldn’t help myself….Passing by one’s favorite Nursery in early spring is hard for the avid gardener. Thoughts of spring plantings are the color spot of these dreary winter days. Last week on a run back from down south I talked my ever so patient […]